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Formed in March, 2013  New York City
Hardedge - soundesign
Brandon Ross - electric guitar
Doug Wieselman - electric guitar
Creative Music / Glyph
"Sidestepping conventions through uncompromising manipulations of sound, this dark ritual creates suspense and will leave you under a spell for the time it runs."
Jazz Trail

"Probably the best group today

Kip Hanrahan

“Man that is not music…this is something visual”

James Blood Ulmer

"It's almost hard to imagine how encouraging it is to see how original, substantial and enlightening improvised music of today can be.  DarkMatterHalo shows how far outside you can go - and still be connected to the basic communicative idea of music.”

Harry Lachner, SWR / Jazzmagazin, Munich, Germany

"Incredible, unique, shocking music. I was expecting blazing guitar "battles," but instead Brandon Ross and Doug Wieselman are displaying chemistry that I have not heard anywhere by any two guitarists before.  Pure mysterious and gripping sonic journey that left me speechless.  Hardedge's sound design is just subliminal, often discreet, other times right in your face, bold and unapologetic, as is the music this trio creates.  These guys are way ahead of our time.  If such thing is even possible.” 

WUSB.FM, Stony Brook, NY

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